Monday, October 6, 2014

Pleated Purse

This has a lot of steps but it is really easy!! 

Cut a rectangle 36 by 26 for the purse body
Fold the purse body in half creating a long rectangle
Fold again making it 4 layers

Fold again making it 8 layers

Snip down ¼ inch making sure you get all layers on the both sides

Now the center.

Do this on the top and the Bottom of the 8 layered rectangle
Open up your fabric to find you snips are now evenly placed
Fold and match up the snips to create a pleat.

Repeat for the other side.
Pin both sides in place and iron flat

Sew down
Fold the in half creating a square

Spread out the bottom fold to open up the pleats to there desired width

Pin and Iron flat
Sew in to place. So it will not become unpleated

Sew up the sides of the purse.

To create a lining (Optional)
Fold lining fabric in half. Lie the purse body on the fabric to create a pattern. Cut two layers of the lining fabric ½ inch larger than the purse body.

To Create Facings
Lie the purse body on folded fabric. Cut across the top and 2 inches down on the sides. Remove the Purse body and measure down 2 inches.

Finish the bottom hem of the facings by turning and sewing under ¼ of an inch.
Now lie on the lining and sew down.

Sew the lining pieces up on the 2 sides and the bottom leaving a 3 inch hold in the bottom of the lining.

Turn lining right side out!! (pretty side)

Cut a rectangle 5 by 25  for the strap
To create you handles fold the long rectangle in half. Sew down the long side.

Turn it right side out.
Cut in half.
Place the handle in the purse body and pin in to place.

Place the lining right-side out inside the purse body that is wrong-side out.

This way the finished sides are now facing each other. Pin along the top making sure to pin the straps in to place.
Sew along the top of the bag.

Pull the finished bag out the bottom of the lining.

Sew up the hole in the lining. 

Creating the Bow (optional)
Cut a rectangle 6 by 3
Fold in half long ways 
Sew on the sides and across the top leaving a hold in the middle

Turn right side out.

Cut a rectangle 1.5 by 3
Fold in the sides. 

Fold the skinny folded rectangle over the Large finished one 

Sew By had and cut off extra. Hand sew on bag. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cutting out a pattern

First you need to find the pattern pieces you need. 
Open up your pant pattern  and get the paper instructions out. 
Find the sections that you see below in the photo.  
I have high lighted the pants front and pants back I need number 9 and 10. 
Look though the pattern paper and find your pieces the will be numbered.
Cut them out like the 2nd photo. 


It doesn't have to be neat, I do a quick cut around the pattern to separate form the rest of the pattern paper.