Monday, April 25, 2011

My Sticky

Check out the newest toy in our house! My kids are in love with this. It is contact paper I duck taped to the floor. I saw it in a creative teaching post.
 The kids jumped, ran, rolled and laughed.

They loved the sound and feel. We tried it with socks, shoes and barefoot.

Then we tossed pom poms at it and rolled Easter eggs across it.

We tried rolling different size cars on it to see if any would get stuck (they didn't). I ended up leaving it in our dinning room for a few day. I took it up one night when they were in bed. When the kids got up they both asked me "Where is my sticky?"

Try this I promise you kids will have a blast!


  1. Ack! I JUST threw away some old contact paper because I HATE that sticky stuff! Such a pain to deal with in the cabinets, but I can totally see how much fun this would be for kids!

    One question though, did the duct tape mess your floors up at all? I'd be worried about that.

  2. Someone get me to a Walmart! I've gotta try this!!!! Thanks for sharing.


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