Friday, May 27, 2011

Headband Holder Tutorial

Hello everybody!  My name is Kaleigh and my little home in the blog universe is
I am a working mommy that spends most of my time attempting to balance my full time job, my creativity and my little family.

 This is LOTTE LU.  She is Daddy's little ray of sunshine, Mommy's helper and everyone's boss!
And this is BROTHER.  He is Sister's favorite, Daddy's napping buddy and Mommy's sweetest little boy.

I really enjoy creating things and party planning.  Right now I'm in full on 2nd Birthday Party planning mode.  We are doing a "Sesame Street" theme with rainbow colors, polka dots, letters and numbers and and few characters here and there {Suggestions and Ideas are welcome :)}.  Her first birthday was a Watermelon Party.  You can see all the details HERE.
I also love making things for my home and my little kiddos.  Lotte gets a lot of little outfits and headbands or bows.  I'm working on getting more creative for Brother too.  HERE is her Easter outfit that I made for her. Eva was sweet enough to feature this as one of her "To-Dos".

And HERE is one of the swaddling blankets I have made for Brother.

Lately Lotte and I have been wearing a lot of headbands with fabric and ribbon rosettes.  We have a LOT!  Have you noticed that headbands are extremely difficult to store.  I found myself putting them all in a gallon sized ziplock bag and shoving them into the bathroom closet.  ~not cool~ But a headbands don't clip, so I had to make a ribbon holder with loops
........and here is how I did it.
You will need:
34 inches of wide (1 1/2 inch) ribbon
54 inches of narrower (7/8 inch) ribbon {I left mine on the spool to make sure that I had enough}
3 inches of narrow (3/4 inch) ribbon
Straight Pins
Sewing Gauge
Sewing machine and tools

{all measurements are for my 33 1/2 inch long holder with 10 loops that are the perfect size for skinny headbands.  You could just as easily make yours with more loops, less loops or even bigger loops for bigger headbands}
Start out with your wide ribbon and heat seal the ends by running them near a candle flame.
Place your narrower ribbon centered on the wide ribbon and pin them together near the top edge.
Measure 3 inches from top and add a pin to mark your place.

Next, you will measure out 2 inches of the narrow ribbon and fold under until it meets the pin at the 3 inch mark.  Pictures are a little more helpful here than words!

Remove your pin and place it into all layers of ribbon to secure the loop.
Measure 3 inches down from your first pin and repeat the steps you just finished to make 10 loops total.

TIP:  Make sure your narrower ribbon is centered during these steps and it will cause less headaches and fidgeting when you are sewing.

Now you are ready for the sewing maching...mine's name is Lucy...because I Love Lucy!
Fold the top edge down 1/4 of an inch and sew a straight stitch through.

Create a loop with your 3 inch piece of ribbon as if you were making a "cause" or "awareness" ribbon and sew onto the top.

Essentially, the next steps you will just be making long rectangles with your sewing machine.  Start at the top corner and sew until you meet the loop folds.  Sew one or two stitches into the folds to make sure they don't come undone.  Then sew across the top of the loop.

Turn your project so you complete the rectangle.

For the next rectangle start under the loop as close to the edge as possible and repeat the steps you just completed until you reach the end of your ribbon.

Finish by folding up another 1/4 inch and sew in place.  Now admire your 20-30 minutes of hard work...and if you are like me, move on to another project before the kiddos wake up!

Thanks sooo much Eva for having me over today!  I hope your last few weeks of pregnancy are as comfy as possible!

I would love for you to stop by and say HI...I'm a SITS Girl and I LOVE comments and leaving some love back to you!


  1. i LOVE this idea, but have zero idea what the sewing rectangles is all about :(

  2. Love this. I've seen the oatmeal carton version, but thought that didn't really save much on counter space. This looks perfect. I'll give it a try. Thanks for the great instructions!

  3. Try hot glue of you can't sew.

  4. OH MY WORD. THANK YOU. I tried the oatmeal can thing too, although it was okay for the time being, I had no room for it and couldn't afford any counter space. All in all, it got ruined and dented because of that. This is exactly what I needed!


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