Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Check out these amazing hoodies from Brooch the Subject!
We have to make them.
Join us at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church Friday, Nov 11th for a
Free Sewing Class with Free Child Care!  9:30am-1:30pm
I know I can't wait, the amazing Laura Foster will teach us the art of the recycled hoodie.
Register Here

What you will need:
-hooded sweatshirt-adult or child preferably without a string in the hood (kids ones shouldn't, but adults may)
-1/2 yard or fat quarter of coordinating fabric for the hood- I would get something with a more random pattern so that when the hood is down or up it doesn't look upside down
-1/8 yard of stretchy knit fabric in two different colors, or 1/4 yard of one color--You can also use old t-shirts for this. For my daughters sweatshirt I used two old t-shirts, so raid your closets for things that may not fit anymore, or even shirts that may have a little stain on them.
-Thread that matches your sweatshirt--This is important because we won't follow the stitching of the sweatshirt. I seem to have trouble sewing in a straight line, so this way we won't be able to see our wonky stitching.
-a ruler- unfortunately we can't rip knit, so we will need to measure out our ruffle strips

Even if you have a boy, you could come and line the hood of their sweatshirt with a cute fabric and just leave off the ruffles. 

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