Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Happy Halloween

We may look cute but check out the dragon.
  How cute is our daddy! I made the tail using a tutorial from Running With Scissors.  
Blue Eye's outfit was from a Simplicity 5520. I was really pleased with the boots.
I didn't make Peices. I had planned to but we ran out of time.
My horn was rolled paper with lining rapped around it. I tied to a headband.
The Twin's hats were made of felt. They took 2 minutes to make and got the most attention.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Check out these amazing hoodies from Brooch the Subject!
We have to make them.
Join us at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church Friday, Nov 11th for a
Free Sewing Class with Free Child Care!  9:30am-1:30pm
I know I can't wait, the amazing Laura Foster will teach us the art of the recycled hoodie.
Register Here

What you will need:
-hooded sweatshirt-adult or child preferably without a string in the hood (kids ones shouldn't, but adults may)
-1/2 yard or fat quarter of coordinating fabric for the hood- I would get something with a more random pattern so that when the hood is down or up it doesn't look upside down
-1/8 yard of stretchy knit fabric in two different colors, or 1/4 yard of one color--You can also use old t-shirts for this. For my daughters sweatshirt I used two old t-shirts, so raid your closets for things that may not fit anymore, or even shirts that may have a little stain on them.
-Thread that matches your sweatshirt--This is important because we won't follow the stitching of the sweatshirt. I seem to have trouble sewing in a straight line, so this way we won't be able to see our wonky stitching.
-a ruler- unfortunately we can't rip knit, so we will need to measure out our ruffle strips

Even if you have a boy, you could come and line the hood of their sweatshirt with a cute fabric and just leave off the ruffles.